Anagha Joshi

EMBO long-term fellow
Research associate
Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research

PeriodEmployment and Education
Mar. 10 - Now Postdoctoral fellow (CIMR, University of Cambridge, U.K.)
Apr. 06 - Feb. 10 PhD Bioinformatics (University of Gent, Belgium)
Apr. 04 - Mar. 06 Research assistant (IISc, Bangalore, India)
Sep. 04 - Dec. 04 Research assistant (University of Pune, India)
Jul. 01 - Jun. 03 MSc Physics (University of Pune, India)
Jul. 99 - Jun. 01 BSc Physics (University of Pune, India)

Research Interest

Keywords: Bioinformatics, ChIP-seq data, gene expression data, systems biology, data integration

Understanding how gene regulatory networks affect development and disease is one of the key questions in biology. In recent years, in order to get a holistic view, high-throughput data has become a preferred tool instead of characterizing individual genes. Making sense of large-scale datasets still remains a challenge. I aim to contribute to this end by developing new ways of large-scale data analysis and data integration.

During my PhD, I developed algorithms for building transcription regulatory networks using gene expression and high-throughput interaction data. Initially I developed a Gibbs sampler based clustering method, 'Ganesh' which was further integrated into a network inference method 'LeMoNe', which reconstructs gene regulatory networks from expression data. We validated LeMoNe in the eukaryotic model organism S. cerevisae and then used it to build transcription regulatory networks across diverse species, from a simple prokaryotic system, E. coli, to cancer gene expression data in humans. The algorithm was also used to study post-transcriptional regulation in S. cerevisae. Aiming towards understanding how different regulatory processes come together, I realized a need for data integration and developed a Cytoscape plug-in to find regulatory path motifs in perturbational data called 'Pathicular'.

While working in Prof. Gottgens' group, I developed a parsimony-based method to infer developmental hierarchies from gene expression data. We generated ChIP-seq compendia in blood as well as Embryonic Stem Cells. Using this data I developed a web-tool 'GSCA' (Gene Set Control Analysis) to infer combinatorial transcriptional control behind correlated gene sets. I also developed 'PeakCompare', a web-tool for experimentalists to provide a global context to their ChIP-seq experiment.


EMBO long term fellowship (Cambridge, UK).
Marie- Curie early career development fellowship (Ghent, Belgium).
CSIR Junior research fellowship (Bangalore, India).


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