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Variable Bar Graph Drawer Instructions.

Input file:
It is important to consider the point of origin of your input values!!! There are two alternatives:

  1. (Default option) Your numbers are relative to 1 (i.e. the beginning of your X-axis).
  2. Your numbers have a different point of origin. For example if you have a tiling path of oligos or PCRs ranging from 100,000 to 150,000, with coordinates between these values. This tool allows you to provide a value, for example 100,000, that will make all your values fit on the X-axis.

The format for the input file is as follows:

start_coordinate TAB end_coordinate TAB Y-axis_value (+ or - values)

Negative values should start with '-' (e.g. -10). Positive values can either start with '+' or unsigned (e.g. +10 or 10). The file should ONLY contain lines of this type!

Max. X-value:
This is the length of the axis on which the columns are drawn. So if we use the example above you should enter 50000. Remember if you first column starts at 1000 it will be drawn slightly away from the edge of the graph.

Max. Y-value:
This values define the maximum positive and negative value of the data set that can be drawn. For example, if your data range is -10 to +30 then selecting 40 comfortable fits both positive and negative values.

Highlight bars above a given threshold (positive values):
Any positive Y-values above/same as this number can be displayed in a different colour.

Highlight bars below a given threshold (negative values):
Any positive Y-values below/same as this number can be displayed in a different colour.

Select format of the output:
You can choose for the output to be produced in Postscript or PDF format depending on your requirements. By default positive values are in black and negative values are in grey.

Graph colours:
Allows you to set the fill colour for the bars. Other colours can be added if required. Colours are specified as red - green - blue shades ranging from 0 to 1.

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