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What is the Variable Bar Graph Drawer?

Variable Bar Graph Drawer is a program, written in Perl, which draws bar graphs based on a user supplied file. This tool can plot any data that has a start and end coordinate, plus a height, magnitude, call it what you will.

It was designed to plot the magnitude of a "response" relative to PCR products along a sequence. PCR products can be of variable lengths or overlap, neither of which can be easily accomodated by graph drawing packages, such as Microsoft Excel. However, this tool can be used for any data set.

Graphs are plotted in Postscript and can be converted to PDF format by the tool. The graphs are drawn from the top to bottom of a portrait page, but the final image can be rotated in your favourite editor if required.

Please see the instructions for the format of the input data file.

Possible future improvements:
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