Variable Width Bar Graph Drawer.

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Variable Width Bar Graph Drawer.

The data points you provide are plotted against an X-axis that originates from 1. Therefore, if your data is derived from chromosomal coordinates these can be converted to a 1 based scale.

Select the bar graph data file:
[The first and everyline should have the following format
start_position TAB end_position TAB height
Start numbering from 1!]


If you data is based on chromosomal coordinates you can enter the chromosomal start coordinate for the plot. Otherwise, leave this blank.

Choose the length of the x-axis:
[For example if your coordinates start from 100,000 to 150,000
the length is 50000.]

Max. X-value:

Choose one maximum value for the positive and negative y-axis (e.g. magnitude):
[This tool plots positive and negative Y-axis based on this value.
If your range is -30 to +20 then select 30.]

Max. Y-value:

Highlight bars above a given threshold (positive values):

Highlight bars below a given threshold (negative values):

Select format of the output:

Graph colours:

Positive values ->

Positive values (above threshold) ->

Negative values ->

Negative values (below threshold) ->

If you have any problems or comments
regarding this tool please contact us!

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