Data download cornerDataset description
BloodExpress.tablesThe tables on which BloodExpress is built.  The first line indicates the field names.
pval.allThe calculated p-values of the probes in all studies included in BloodExpress. The probes are mapped to ENSEMBL genes.
Table_S1List of gene expression studies integrated in BloodExpress.  The number of biological replicates is indicated in brackets.
Table_S2Cellular markers used in the purification of the cell types in BloodExpress.  Abbreviations: WBM (whole bone marrow),
PB (peripheral blood).
The datasets behind the BloodExpress database are available for download as zipped, tab-separated, flat text files, which can be used for upload to a RDBMS or opened in any spreadsheet.  If you use any data  from this website please cite the original paper:

Miranda-Saavedra, D. et al (2009) BloodExpress: A Database of Gene Expression in Mouse Haematopoiesis. Journal, Volume, Pages, PMID
The end user is free to copy, distribute and adapt the data presented here with the condition that the original work is cited (see above).  The authors are not responsible for the outcome of any experiments in third party laboratories derived from the interpretation of the data presented here.