Haematopoiesis (blood formation) has long served as a model process for studying stem cells and represents the best characterised adult stem cell system with functional assays and purification strategies for a plethora of precursors ranging from the pluripotent haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) via multipotent and unipotent progenitors to at least 14 distinct mature cell types.  Transcriptional control is a key factor controlling haematopoiesis.

Our current understanding of mouse haematopoiesis is depicted on the figure on the right.

Main features of this server
BloodExpress integrates 271 individual microarray experiments derived from 15 distinct studies done on most characterised mouse blood cell types.  Gene expression information has been discretised to absent/present/unknown calls.

Briefly, on this server you can do:

Gene-centric searches to find out where your gene of interest is expressed, and what other genes follow      the same (or a similar) pattern of expression ('guilt by association')

Cell-centric searches to find out what genes are expressed in specific cell types/studies and not others
Citing this database
Miranda-Saavedra, D. et al (2008) BloodExpress: A Database of Gene Expression in Mouse Haematopoiesis.  Nucleic Acids Research Nov 4 [Epub ahead of print] link
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