TFBScluster - Human Genome-wide.

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Run TFBScluster.

This version of TFBScluster is based on the UCSC alignments of:

  • Human (NCBI35/hg17) [Reference genome]
  • Mouse (NCBI33/mm5)

1. Select the number of different TFBS to analyse (MAX 5):

2. You can choose one of three TFBS datasets to construct clusters. These are:

In-house sites are consensus binding sites represented IUPAC codes taken from the literature, experimental work or other databases.

Xie et. al. (2005) Nature 434:338-345 these sites are over-represented consensus sequences that are conserved (human, dog, mouse and rat) in the promoters of RefSeq genes.

Ettwiller et. al. (2005) Genome Biology 6:R104 these sites are over-represented consensus sequences that conserved (human and mouse) in the promoters of Ensembl genes.

TRANSFAC v8.3 sites have been downloaded from the UCSC database and are conserved between human, mouse and rat genomes.

Select TFBS dataset:

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